The global labor force is starkly divided between those who are formally employed and those who are not.

Entrepreneurship education is identified as a priority in the Europe 2020 Strategy, in the EU’s key strategies in relating to education and training, as well as in their policy framework for small

Early stage companies in the Lagos area now have a new platform to present their innovations to the investment community.

I clearly remember the warm reception on my first arrival in Nairobi-Kenya, ready to start the one month Women's Venture Xchange program.

During the recent Global Partnerships Week (GPW), there was an interesting discussion about the WiSci Camp in Rwanda. This was a great example of what a public-private partnership can achieve.

Delegations from Nigeria, Zambia, Niger, Morocco and Egypt joined investors, entrepreneurs and policy-makers from 46 nations this week in Istanbul for the first ever World Business Angel Investment

In 2012 alone, 5.1 billion Euros were invested by angel investors in Europe, a 19 percent growth in comparison to 2011. The size of the angel community also increased to 261,000 business angels.